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What Goes Into a Brand Brief

Editor’s Note: Alina Wheeler’s book, Designing Brand Identity, just released in its third updated printing, is a reference for anyone involved in branding. A comprehensive review of branding fundamentals, Wheeler’s book showcases best practices and pares away complexities so that common processes are easy to understand. It is a great guide for those entering the business, and for old pros, her book can be used in the same way that experienced cooks consult a cookbook to make sure that they haven’t forgotten any essential ingredients.


Here’s Wheeler’s schematic of components that go into preparing a brand brief. “Many entrepreneurial companies have visionaries who walk around with this information in their heads; getting it on paper helps anyone who has the responsibility to execute the vision,” she says. “The best briefs are succinct and strategic, and approved by the most senior levels in an organization early in the process. If these briefs are approved, the balance of the project is more likely to be on track and successful.”

One thought on “What Goes Into a Brand Brief

  1. Brand briefs are a critical foundational element to any branding initiative. Branding is a process which takes discipline and rigor–as Alina Wheeler suggests, take the time to document a brand brief early in the process. Our experience at Symphonic Marketing has proven that it will significantly increase the success and long-term sustainability of a branding initiative. Alina Wheeler has set forth a great schematic that will help marketers and communications professionals take the crucial step of documenting a brand brief.

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