Proposed 2012 Olympic Transport Posters


Graphic, minimalist and understandable in any language, this set of posters for the 2012 Olympics in London was designed by University of College Falmouth graduate, Alan Clarke. The design proposals were actually meant to brand the Transport of London, with text on each poster identifying which underground station links to each Olympics event. “My thinking behind these posters was to convey the movement and energy of the games in a simple abstract way,” Clarke explains. Clarke’s images are evocative of the visuals created by the legendary German designer Otl Aicher for the 1972 Munich Olympics. Clarke, who now works as a designer at Gendall in Falmouth, was a D&AD Best New Blood Winner for 2009.


3 thoughts on “Proposed 2012 Olympic Transport Posters

  1. These are beautiful. It breaks my tiny design heart to think there will probably be a nice big fat magenta 2012 logo on each of these…

  2. Thank god they haven't stuck thousands of logo's on them or indeed the horrible olympics one. Really nice. Please don't screw them up!

  3. Are there more? I would like to see many, many more. It would be interesting to see how he approached the wide variety of sport of the Olympics — Track & Field, Kayaking, Diving, Gymnastics, etc. And it would be great to have PDF versions available. This is great work cube display stuff. Thanks.

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