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Particularly in today’s stark economic environment, companies and creative professionals are looking for ways to expose their message to the largest audience at the lowest cost. We urge you to consider becoming a sponsor for – aka @Issue: Journal of Business and Design. @Issue may be new to the blogosphere, but we are well-known and respected among designers, mar-com managers and related suppliers. As an introductory offer for our first year online, two levels of sponsorship are available at an attractive and affordable rate.

The anticipated audience demographic for is based on readership of the print edition of @Issue, which has a circulation of 100,000. For the past 14 years, @Issue has been distributed free to the mailing lists of Corporate Design Foundation and our primary sponsors. @Issue is directed to business and design professionals and to marketing/innovation instructors at MBA schools. Target audiences include:

    Graphic designers
    Brand managers
    Product/industrial designers
    Marketing-communications managers
    Multimedia designers
    Corporate communications executives
    MBA students enrolled in marketing classes
    Advertising creatives
    Packaging designers
    Paper manufacturers
    Environmental designers
    Interior architects
    Design schools
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Some comments on @issue (print version)

“Thank you for the commendable efforts in our constant quest to help people understand the value of good design. I have used @issue many times throughout the last few years to help executives realize the advantages of good design for their businesses. I just submitted a request for the publication to be sent to a CEO we’re working with. It is a great tool for the design community and I appreciate all that you have been doing.”

– Jeffrey Gernsheimer, Principal, Partners Design, Inc.

“I’m writing to let you know how valuable @issue has become to me. I feel that you are answering questions that have gone far too long unanswered. Your interviews with business leaders and profiles of successful programs have provided me with the kind of information that helps get our concepts accepted by our clients. @issue is the only publication I make sure I read from cover to cover.”

– Steve Pinkston, Steve Pinkston & Others, Inc.

“I love @issue and am constantly giving away copies and signing up my clients for subscriptions. It’s great because it’s a magazine that I can like as a designer, but focuses enough on the business side of design to interest my clients.”

– Gahlord Deward, THTFCT Creative

“I look forward to @issue, read it, think, send copies to clients and friends, talk…there are ideas here. Pretty rare these days.”

– Rick Casner, Benefit Street Design, Inc.

“The information and case studies provided in @issue, the CDF publication, has been a valuable tool for our firm and our clients. We often refer to it when helping our clients understand how design can help them to function better as a business and develop sensible solutions for communicating their ideas and ideals. Measuring the success of design is often an intangible benchmark and @issue does a great job of demonstrating those achievements in its case studies.”

– Andrew Petitti, President, Knowtis Design, Inc.