Grey’s Multinational Typeface

When Grey Group opened a new Singapore division of its ad agency earlier this year, it wanted to communicate that it had assembled a team from a dozen different countries to handle business in 106 national markets. It was truly multinational in every sense of the word. The challenge was how to suggest its global outlook visually without resorting to tedious clichés. Luis Fabra, Grey Singapore’s senior graphic designer, chose the most recognizable symbol of any country – its national flag. From there, he deconstructed each flag into geometric shapes – stripes, dots, triangles, half circles, etc. – and rearranged the color scheme on each flag to form a single letter of the alphabet. Grey Singapore’s multinational typeface actually has 106 letters in the alphabet, with some letters repeated to give each country equal representation. Abstract yet country-specific, the letters in combination suggest a strong communication program that is sensitive to all cultures.

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Eco-Friendly Vodka Packaging

As vodka products go, Good Ol Sailor Vodka deserves a prize for all-around eco-friendliness. Designed by Swedish agency, Division, the Good Ol Sailor brand is the first vodka in Sweden sold in recyclable PET plastic bottles – a material with significantly lower environmental impact than glass. Good Ol Sailor vodka is also made from organically grown, Swedish barley that has been distilled four times to assure a clean and fruity nose. The graphics, too, by Swedish tattoo artist Mattias Broden, appear right on the surface of the bottle to integrate the packaging design with the container itself. This is a branding program that strives to tread lightly on the earth. That deserves a toast!