Public Service Campaign

Message to Distracted Drivers

The automobile insurance society (SAAQ) in the French-Canadian province of Quebec has launched a humorous public awareness campaign to warn Quebecers about the dangers of texting and driving. SAAQ estimates that people who text while driving are 20 times more likely to get into an accident. In Quebec, phone-related infractions climbed to 57,000 in 2011 – nearly triple the number from 2008. This is a message where you can laugh and, hopefully, learn.


Alfaro Packaging – Making Baroque Look Modern

Alfaro is a tiny town in the renowned wine-producing La Rioja province in northern Spain. The region has been making wine since the days of the Phoenicians, with the earliest record of grape-growing dating to 873. This year to celebrate La Fiesta Barroca, Palacios Remondo created two commemorative wine collections that pay tribute to Alfaro, home to its winery. Palacios Remondo commissioned Estudio Dorian to design the packaging around a Baroque theme. The collection includes six labels for each wine, with the extravagantly Baroque ornamentation contained in the simple letterforms. The result is an understated elegance, clean and contemporary yet suggestive of a rich heritage.