Espolon Tequila Packaging
Wraps Itself in Mexican Legends

How do you convince consumers that your tequila is authentically Mexican and not an Americanized version of what the South of the Border drink is all about? Skip the piñatas, the sombreros and all the hokey souvenir-type imagery for starters.

For the reintroduction of its product in the United States after an absence of several years, Espolon Tequila wrapped its brand in the rich traditions, history, festivities and artistic style of the Mexican culture. Spearheaded by Landor, the rebranding program was inspired by the engravings of renowned 19th century artist Jose Guadalupe Posada, whose skeleton people are best associated with the Dia de los Muertos (Day of the Dead) celebrations. Finely drawn illustrations by Steven Noble pay homage to Posada’s style and incorporate iconography reflecting the legends and lore of Mexico.

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Worth Magazine Rebrands Itself


In a year when more than 100 major newspapers and nearly 500 magazines have reportedly folded in the United States alone, it is interesting – if not reassuring – to note that some publications are striving to reinvent themselves. The 18-year-old Worth magazine, acquired by Sandow Media in 2008, has adopted a new revenue model, along with a new tagline “The Evolution of Financial Intelligence.” Now published bi-monthly, Worth has become a controlled circulation magazine, mailed free to a database of 110,000 high-net-worth households in major markets. It offers no subscriptions but sells a limited number of individual copies at $18.95 per issue primarily at select newsstands in private airports. In addition to the sale of advertising, the magazine essentially relies on thoroughly vetted wealth advisors to underwrite the publication in exchange for the opportunity to write articles in the leading advisors section of the magazine.

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