Levi’s Spec Ad Salutes Team USA

This spec ad for Levi’s says it all without lyrics, voiceover or text. Using Jimi Hendrix’s electric rock guitar version of the American National Anthem and Levi’s famous Red Tab rising soulfully up the denim “flagpole” seam, the ad salutes Team USA in the 2012 Olympics. The spec ad was the work of Los Angeles- based digital/video agency, PatrickOrtman Inc.


Olympic Branding Champions

Coca-Cola has just unveiled six limited-edition cans to cheer on Team USA at the London Olympics this summer. San Francisco-based design agency, Turner Duckworth, combined three of the world’s most recognizable icons to communicate the entire story –the stripes of the American flag; the five interlocked rings of the Olympic logo and silhouette of an athlete, and Coca-Cola’s signature red and Spencerian script logotype. The effect is succinct, direct and graphically powerful. Coca-Cola is rotating the can designs throughout the summer, with a new one appearing every two weeks, culminating with a special composite logo timed for the opening of the Olympic Games.

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