Where’s the Jeep?

At a time when ads are becoming ever more elaborate and reliant on tech-driven special effects, this Jeep print ad campaign for Chrysler/Korea is inspiring for its spareness and simplicity. Asked to demonstrate how Jeep is designed for all weather conditions, BBDO/Proximity Malaysia, based in Kuala Lumpur, came up with a concept that showed how Jeep could bridge weather extremes, by picturing a Bushman and an Eskimo, a Husky and a Camel, and a Mountain Goat and a Crocodile. The silhouettes printed in Arctic Blue and Arid Tan overlap to form a silhouette of an olive green Jeep.



Recently the campaign, titled “Two Worlds,” won the 2009 One Show Gold award for print advertising. Ronald Ng, BBDO/Proximity’s executive creative officer, told the One Show that MUN, creative director at BBDO/Proximity, came up with the idea after recalling an old TV show that featured merging graphs. Despite the austere elegance of the final illustrations, Ng reveals that arriving at the right pair of opposites to form the Jeep proved to be a major challenge. The “Two Worlds” ads have appeared in the South Korean press and Jeep showrooms.

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  1. It always does my heart good to see someone come up with a unique, genius-level idea. Makes me proud to be a person and an artist.

  2. Wow! Great design makes a comeback! That's the type of design that got me in this business

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