Pentagram Partner Kit Hinrichs
Announces Formation of New Office


Editor’s Note: Normally we don’t post people announcements on our blog, but we are breaking the rule for Kit, @Issue’s co-founder and creative catalyst. Kit’s new studio is off to a running start, with his entire San Francisco staff still on his team and projects proceeding on schedule. Below is the joint announcement released by Pentagram and Studio Hinrichs. Watch for more great work from Kit. Congratulations, dear friend, and all the best.

October 1, 2009 — After 23 years as a partner of Pentagram, Kit Hinrichs announced that he is leaving the international consultancy to establish an independent design firm, Studio Hinrichs, in San Francisco.

“My more than two decades at Pentagram have been the most gratifying of my 40-plus years in design,” says Hinrichs. “I’ve been proud to be in partnership with many of the world’s most talented and dedicated designers. Their commitment to design excellence set the bar to which I’ve continually aspired.”

During his tenure as a partner in the San Francisco office of Pentagram, Hinrichs’s influence has been seen in both local and national companies and institutions with such clients as California Academy of Sciences, Pacific Gas & Electric, Muzak, Sappi Fine Paper, Gymboree, Hemispheres Magazine, and Design Within Reach, to name only a few. Hinrichs has served on the executive board of the American Institute of Graphic Arts (AIGA) and is a trustee of Art Center College of Design, and a member of Alliance Graphique Internationale. In 2004, he was awarded the profession’s highest honor, the AIGA Medal, in recognition of his distinguished achievements and contributions to the field.


“Kit has been committed not only to Pentagram, but to the profession as a whole,” says Michael Bierut, a partner in the firm’s New York office. “Through speaking, exhibitions and publishing, Kit has moved design to a new level. This legacy is a testimony to his incredible energy. He’s had an influence on generations of people here at Pentagram. We will miss him.”

Pentagram’s San Francisco office will continue after Hinrichs’s departure. “We have ongoing projects on the West Coast and around the world,” says partner Lorenzo Apicella. “The work on these projects in our San Francisco office will carry on.”

In addition to his new design studio, Hinrichs will create an ancillary business called Hinrichs + Hirasuna Special Projects, formed with his longtime writing collaborator Delphine Hirasuna. This venture will allow both to focus on projects of personal and professional interest.

“While I will miss the creative collaboration within Pentagram,” says Hinrichs, “I’m excited by the possibilities presented in what I consider the third chapter of my career. I look forward to building on all that I’ve learned and ensuring that my best work is still to come.”

45 thoughts on “Pentagram Partner Kit Hinrichs
Announces Formation of New Office

  1. Congratulations, Kit! Your design legend-ness lives on. I wish Studio Hinrichs all the best and am looking forward to this next chapter of your biography. (I'm still saving my little notes, if you want me to contribute to the forward.)

  2. And…

    I also want to welcome Hinrichs + Hirasuna Special Projects to the world, can't wait to see what that's about. As per your usual standards and abilities, I'm sure your projects will be brilliantly conceived, lovingly photographed, beautifully designed, extremely well-written and exquisitely printed, but most of all I'm sure the creative process will be lively and spirited.

    Herzlichen Glückwunsch + Omedetou!

  3. Kit,

    Delphine relayed the news to me of your new design endeavor, Studio Hinrichs. The idea of Hinrichs + Hirasuna Special Projects, also sounds very interesting. I am sure whatever the future brings, you will meet the challenges that arise, with the same energy that you brought to Pentagram. No person has influenced my career more than you have. I consider the shooting I did for you and Delphine at Potlatch to be the most exciting and rewarding work I have ever done. I greatly appreciate your influence on my career and my life. I wish you well with your new office. I think Pentagram will miss you dearly.

    Good luck!

    Your friend, Tom Tracy

  4. I await with baited breath to see and experience the redesign of your life. Wow–23 years at Pentagram–you must have become a partner when you were 17. You are a hero. We need heros. Best success to you as you design the future.

  5. does that make Studio Hinrichs the corporate head of Pentagram?? Congradulations Kit – the best IS
    yet to come

  6. Kit, what an exciting new venture, I wish you and Delphine much success with Studio Hinrichs and Hirasuna Special Projects. Congrats to Delphine as well.

  7. Congratulations Kit and Delphine. Change is always good and I look forward to seeing what Studio Hinrichs and H + H Special can create. I admire the passion you have and the quality of work you produce. There is no dough that will translate into a special place to work and play.

  8. Kit couple of important points to keep in mind.
    Don`t raise the rent and no more ink on that damn sheet
    Congratulations on this exciting time
    We all look forward to the ride!
    Cheers from the Great White North

  9. Congratulations Kit,
    “Chapter Three” will undoubtedly be your finest!
    Terry Heffernan

  10. Okay, I will have to think of more superlatives! Looking forward to seeing the results of what has been outstanding collaboration from two of the sharpest minds in our industry.

    CONGRATULATIONS, Kit and Delphine. I know you will continue to WOW us!

  11. Congratulations, Kit! (I borrowed this line from Ms. Chan). I am truely happy for you and the newly formed Studio Hinrichs. I am also excited to hear about Hinrichs + Hirasuna Special Projects. Here is to the third chapter!

  12. Congratulations Kit,
    I'm sure you'll continue to inspire us all.
    All the best for the new venture with Studio Hinrichs

  13. Congratulations KIT, you continue to be an inspiration and guide. I've enjoyed reviewing your work (in all the best Design annuals), working with you as a “client” (a Kit client always feels like a real collaborator), and well, friend. Also, congrats to Delphine as part of your new venture (about time to paraphrase Mr. Pedersen). I look forward to the next chapter, in this page-turner of a book. And perhaps a few more books too. Regards, Joe Isaak

  14. Kit, though we've never met in person, we do have a friend in common (Amy Chan) and once you aced me out of a parking space at St Mary's College. Best wishes to you with your new ventures!

  15. Fabulous news Kit. The Lion unleashed! I'm thinking split fountain all units. Onionskin. A teeny tiny poster 10 miles long somehow tucked into a 5″x7″ booklet. Heaven!
    Can't wait to see what comes out of the marvelous minds of Hinrichs & Hirasuna.


  16. Delphine,

    Wonderful and exciting news! Congratulations to you, and Kit, and the lucky specials that will benefit from your talents! . . . looking forward to the beautiful things to come out of your studios.

  17. Dear Kit
    Fabulous news!. Congratulations on this new chapter and looking forward to H+H ventures as well.
    It is great to know that your magic continues….
    Nancy Koc

  18. Knowing you for a lot more than three chapters, I know this will be a successful adventure.
    Thank you for decades of inspiration, and all our best to you and yours in this new chapter.
    Mel & Barbara Sant

  19. When I think of design in San Fancisco, I think of you. Never was there a more gracious and focused person. I admire you taking the next step and many more after that.

  20. Congrats Kit. There's something to be said for having your name on the door.
    Thanks for all the inspiration while part of Pentagram. I have no doubt that it will continue in “Chapter 3”.

  21. Kit, all my Best to you on this new Chapter. I look forward to your latest and greatest. Congratulations on the venture with Delphine, I miss her at The Design Council!

  22. I was very young when I met Kit for the first time at an AIGA DC chapter event around '94 or '95. I came as a guest and had no clue who or what this thing was about back then. Kit presented Pentagram's case history and showed slides of the Pentagram studio when it was located on Davis Street in SF. The work was amazing and the designers looked like they were having a great time (and they really were). Little does Kit know that that evening would determine my next move. I packed my bags and said, I'm going west to work for that man. So, get ready Vegas to be charmed and inspired by this charismatic person, leader, and influential designer.

    Congratulations, Kit and thank you for doing what you do.

  23. To all of my friends and colleagues,

    Thank you for the generous support and inspiration you have given me throughout my career.
    I trust that this next period will be equally creative personally and professionally.Thank you all again for your continued support.


  24. Kit – congratulations – I have been waiting to receive a new email for you – hope this reaches you. Happy Birthday!

    Hugs and Kisses – Josi

  25. Kit
    So excited to hear this great news! You two have always been an amazing team so I will be keeping tabs on you two!
    Congratulations to an award winning team!


  26. What a legacy a work! Thank you for sharing your passion for typography and being such an inspiration. Looking forward to see Studio Hinrichs brilliant work!

    Happy 2010!

  27. What a legacy a work! Thank you for sharing your passion for typography and being such an inspiration. Looking forward to see Studio Hinrichs brilliant work!

    Happy 2010!

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