Brand Language

A Banana With Personality

How do you brand a banana? It’s a generic fruit, like an apple or peach. right? If you live in the tropics, you can grow bananas in your backyard. Still, for the past 65 years, only one banana has a brand identity, not to mention, a name, a face and a personality – Chiquita.

Back in 1944, Chiquita charmed consumers by turning a caricature of Carmen Miranda, the flamboyant Brazilian samba singer/dancer with the tutti-frutti hat, into its brand icon. Then to reinforce its slogan “Quite Possibly the World’s Most Perfect Food,” it created a little blue sticker that to this day it affixes by hand onto every single banana it sells.

Although the banana is the butt of countless jokes, Chiquita is one smart marketer. It has evolved its blue sticker concept and introduced a family of “cool” and playful characters created by DJ Neff and Mark Krajan of Neff Ink. Partnering with The Famous Group in Los Angeles, Neff didn’t stop with stickers. He built an entire campaign around the storyline “Don’t let another good banana go bad” with viral videos, sticker generator and a 3-D flash game called “Banana Boogie Battles.” Now a new generation of kids can interact with Chiquita.