One thought on “A Logo is a Logo is a Logo…?

  1. Interesting thoughts. I especially agree with the inordinate use of bright tropical colors. Where relevant, it would be refreshing to see some countries make a bolder commitment to a more limited palette!

    When judging country brands, I’ve found one additional aspect worth considering is who the country is marketing themselves to. If the country is appealing to regional travelers or is in a highly competitive region, the brandmark may more specifically reflect the country’s unique cultural or natural differences. Then again, if the country appeals to a different niche than the surrounding countries it can sell a wider idea like “fun and sun.” (For example, some countries market to their former colonists and/or trade partners due to shared cultural and language aspects, and well-established flights/transport routes.) And it seems more and more, countries are finding the need for a flexible identity that compliments their investment and trade/export brands, and can market different tourism campaigns to different regions/audiences under the same overarching brand strategy.

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