From the Eyes of Immigrants

What does it feel like to be a stranger in a foreign land? If you could communicate in the simplest, clearest language, what do you want others to know about you? Established in Berlin by two women from Argentina – one an artist, the other a journalist, Migrantas is a collective project that helps immigrants in Germany give voice to their concerns.

In conducting workshops for immigrants, Migrantas asked participants to make drawings inspired by their own reality and emotions. From the drawings and thoughts common themes emerged. These were distilled into pictograms and turned into posters put on display in bus shelters and on subways “to make visible the thoughts and feelings of those who have left their own country and now live in a new one.” Migrantas adds that “mobility, migration and transculturality are not the exception in the world, but are instead becoming the rule….We, the immigrants, are always the ‘others.’” Although the pictogram posters are a one-way dialog, they are meant to make passersby who see them reflect on the immigrant experience and see the world from their perspective.