Branding a Region

Monika Ostaszewska was a student at the Faculty of Industrial Design at the Academy of Fine Arts in Warsaw when she focused her graduation project on a packaging concept for a region in Poland known for the quality of its food products. Her idea was to create an umbrella brand called “Flavours of Podlaskie” for the region itself and sub-brands for each category of local food producers.

Because Podlaskie lies on the eastern border of Poland, it attracts a lot of foreign tourists who come to see the last European primeval forest and to sample Podlaskie’s famous specialities — “sękacz”, “pierogi” and cheese from Korycin. “Flavours of Podlaskie” packaging lets local producers benefit from the region’s reputation for quality, and also share the cost of a branding program that many may not be able to afford on their own.

Designed as a modular program, common elements that appear on all packages are the red “Flavours of Podlaskie” tag, double-warp woven images that reflect traditional Polish patterns, and border edges to frame the composition. Each package is white and one color. The color choice serves as a coding system that distinguishes different category of products.

As far as we know, the work is still just a concept, but it is beautifully designed and brilliantly conceived.