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Nokia N8 Mobile Phone Film Winner

Here’s a novel way to get consumers to test out your product. In March, Nokia announced a competition to shoot a short film entirely with a Nokia N8 mobile phone. It invited entrants to send in a story pitch and offered a $5,000 filming budget and two Nokia N8s to eight finalists.

“Splitscreen: A Love Story,” directed by UK-based JW Griffiths, won the first place award of $10,000.

In an interview in, Griffiths explains his team’s filming strategy. “We knew the basic story arc of a person traveling through a city, but we didn’t plan the shots. We first went to Paris and shot everything that would work for the film. We then went to New York and matched the good Paris shots. As both cities are beautiful and iconic, we ended up with 15 hours of footage. It was a challenge to cut everything together and sync it all up. My editor, Marianne Kuopanportti, did a great job of finding shots that I didn’t even know existed, like the bike shot….The basic process was to shoot everything that would work, then sync it up and cut it down into a coherent story. We had a week to edit and we were working right up to the deadline.” To shoot the footage, the cell phone was affixed to a handheld brace to stabilize the camera.

The two-and-a-half minute film is being premiered at the Edinburgh Film Festival.