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Moleskine Introduces Color

For decades, Moleskine has been renowned for its little black notebook that artists, designers, and writers carry with them everywhere to capture their first inklings of brilliant ideas. Other brands offer notebooks too, but only Moleskine, in iconic black with its external elastic band and ribbon bookmark, signals that you are an authentic and serious creative type. So, Moleskine’s announcement that it is releasing its notebooks and planners in four bright colors, in addition to black, is newsworthy. Insecure creatives may be reluctant to buy a color other than black.

To build excitement for the choice of colors, Moleskine commissioned Rogier Wieland, an audiovisual designer based in The Hague, the Netherlands, to make a stop-motion animation to launch the color collection. The video is charming, but the behind-the-scenes video gives us greater respect for the making of stop-motion films. Just for one second of animation, Rogier and team had to create 533 animated pages and 25 frames.

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