Oreo Wonderfilled Campaign Tackles Cynicism

When Oreo launched its Pollyannishly optimistic “Wonderfilled” ad campaign recently, it chose to air it on AMC’s darkly cynical “Mad Men. ” Quoted in AdAge, Janda Lukin, director of Oreo at Mondelez International, Inc., says that the show’s adult audience is the demographic Oreo wanted to attract. “Kids already have a sense of wonder in how they see the world, but adults have to be reminded of that. The stories resonate with different people, but overall, it’s an adult campaign.”

Created by Martin Agency in Richmond, Virginia, the campaign features an animated commercial with a catchy tune by singer/songwriter Adam Young of Owl City. The lyrics “wonder if I gave an Oreo cookie to the Big Bad Wolf…would he still go huff and puff or would he bring those pigs cool stuff…. If I gave an Oreo to a vampire…would he not act so undead? Would he thirst for milk instead?” Then to back up this message of good will, Oreo gathered 500 acapella singers in New York City, Chicago and Los Angeles to perform the new Wonderfilled anthem to rush-hour commuters and share Oreo cookies with them.

The Wonderfilled campaign is planned as an integrated multimedia program that includes TV, digital, social, promotional radio, public relations and cinema advertising. The idea is to suggest that sharing something as small as an Oreo cookie can create a positive change in perspective. That seems naively optimistic, but Oreos do generate childlike delight.

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