Misfit Right In….Las Vegas-Style

The evocative typography and energetic soundtrack are what drew us into this 30-second TV spot for the Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas, but I don’t know what to make of the sales pitch for the hotel/spa. There’s nothing really risqué or particularly naughty about the imagery, but the message that flashes on screen is provocative. “Mutation is progress…Wrong has more fun…Correct is a mistake…Right is a trap…Fight right…Break some eggs… Wild is laid…Misfit right in….Just the right amount of wrong.”

Created by Fallon ad agency in Minneapolis, the commercial seems to validate the promise that “what happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas.” According to Fallon’s website, “[Cosmopolitan’s] brief was ‘disruptive simplicity.’ And the desired outcome was, as always, to create something that would tickle the senses of the Curious Class and showcase the brand’s unique blend of attitude, wit and sophisticated.”

My colleagues here think the ad is really cool. Beautifully executed, clever use of typography sliced between photos, great soundtrack of “Original Don” by DJ Major Lazer, not one photo of the hotel or casino. “It’s all about style, freedom and individuality,” my colleague patiently explains to me. It is all that, but I keep wondering what the words are implying. Anything goes? There are no limits? Kinky is all right? If you feel like a misfit, you’ll fit right in? “You’re over-thinking it,” I’m told. Yes, I do tend to do that, but I’m just wondering, you know.