Shocase Shows Off Marketing Talent

Shocase is a new social network site with some of the intentions of LinkedIn, Pinterest and Facebook, but is targeted specifically to the 100+ million marketing professionals worldwide. It acts somewhat like the old Blackbook directories, but in a friendlier, more interactive and constantly updated way.

Shocase CEO Ron Young explains, “Members can present their work, skills and experience in the best light to the audience they value most; brands can find the right marketing professionals to suit their needs in any discipline. The site is designed to help build working relationships, and ultimately help members grow their business.”

Shocase viewers can click on projects and see full credits for copywriters, photographers, illustrators, etc. Shocase also has a News Feed that shares industry trends and other matters that marketers care about.

Shocase launched in February, and rolled out its new graphic identity, designed by San Francisco-based Studio Hinrichs.