Taking Trump at His Word

Trust Cargo is a Latin American freight forwarder that specializes in delivering live cargo such as fresh fish to the world’s top restaurants. In print ads, created by TBWA/Buenos Aires in Argentina and illustrated by Cristian Turdero, Trust Cargo humorously stressed that its freight deliveries could be relied on even in regions of the world that are in political turmoil.

Considering GOP Presidential candidate Donald Trump’s “promise” to build a 1,000 mile border wall between the U.S. and Mexico, the ad took Trump’s words literally and re-drew a map of the Americas with a Trump Channel separating the Southern United States from Mexico.

Other print ads in the campaign re-drew the maps of North Korea and Venezuela in accordance with what their rulers envisioned. In every case, Trust Cargo viewed the unrest with aplomb, promising: “Whatever becomes of the world, your cargo will get there.” Now if we could place the same trust in political leaders.