Design Classic

Poor Dandelion Gets the Boot

The year was 1990. “The Simpsons” is aired on Fox for the first time. GM launches the Saturn car. The most complete skeleton of T-Rex is found in South Dakota. Crayola retires eight colors and replaces them with eight others, including the cheerful Dandelion.

Now 27 years later, Dandelion is no more. Crayola is booting the color out of the crayon box without explanation or apology. The slot where Dandelion stood in the 24 crayon box will be filled by another color – yet to be announced, but rumored to be a shade of blue. Is this fair? What did Dandelion do to deserve being cast aside so unceremoniously? Look at the other colors and see if you agree with the move. My personal preference would be to dump the sickly orange or the pukey purple, not the carefree Dandelion. It’s a blow to my childhood memories.