Macondo Chocolate’s Sense of Place

Macondo Chocolate is a single origin chocolate line handmade by Kernow Chocolate Company in the UK. According to Kernow’s website, the flavor of cacao beans, like that of coffee beans and wine grapes, is affected by where the beans are grown, the regional temperature, annual rainfall, and nutrients in the soil. It’s said that chocolate connoisseurs are familiar with the appellations of cacao beans and have their preferences. Hence, Macondo Chocolate set out to appeal to their discerning taste by sourcing its cacao beans from different corners of the world, and processing each batch separately to maintain the distinct and pure flavor of their country of origin.

To communicate what makes the Macondo brand special, illustrator/type designer Stephen Smith of Neasden Control Centre in London was commissioned to create product packaging that conveyed the exclusive character of each country of origin – namely, Tanzania, Papua New Guinea, Mexico, Arriba, and Cameroon. Smith unified the brand packaging through consistent placement of graphic elements, and played up each product’s individual flavor differences through artwork that explodes with vibrant colors and style. The name “Macondo” is subtly presented in a small box, while large quirky hand-lettered text broadcast where the beans were grown and what makes each product in the line distinct from the others.