It’s a Bridge! It’s a House!
It Unfolds Before Your Eyes!

Ten Fold Engineering in the UK is bringing a 21st century twist to the concept of portable housing. The Ten Fold building unfolds and is walk-in ready in just ten minutes. No foundations, builders or cranes are required. Delivered to the site on a flatbed truck, the structure self-deploys using a hand-held battery-powered drill. Better yet, the process is fully reversible, so if you want to move, you can fold up your house as fast as it takes to dismantle a pup tent.

Ten Fold’s engineering marvel can be configured for a variety of applications, from a bridge for vehicles, to temporary shelters for film crews on location, to accordion-fold scaffolding for solar panels, to a festival pavilion, and multi-bedroom housing. The engineering design is scaleable and stackable so an entire emergency village can be built in record time. Awesome!