Armchair Space Travel

To manifest Toshiba’s tagline “leading innovation” and promote the company’s new LCD TV Series, ad agency Grey London gave viewers the ultimate armchair-viewing experience by launching a living room chair to the edge of outer space. Filmed in Nevada’s Black Rock desert, the team, led by Grey creative director Andy Amadeo, tethered a lightweight balsa wood chair to a helium balloon and watched it rise to an altitude of 98,268 feet. The rig, which according to Federal Aviation Administration rules could not weigh more than a total of four pounds, carried a Toshiba’s IK-HRIS 1080i camera to digitally record a bird’s eye view of the chair and four independent GPS systems to track the chair’s position during its 83 minute ascent into space. The ad was shot by Haris Zambarloukos, the acclaimed cinematographer who made the feature films “Enduring Love” and “Mamma Mia.” The Space Chair commercial began airing in the UK this week.

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