Little White Lies – About How a Magazine Is Made

This is a video about the making of a magazine that is about the making of films. Little White Lies (LWLies) is an independent British film magazine produced by The Church of London creative agency. In 2001, while at university studying graphic design, Danny Miller co-founded Little White Lies as a final degree project. His 17-year-old friend Matthew Bochenski wrote the content. Miller then moved to London to work on a skate and snowboard magazine called Adrenalin, but kept thinking about making Little White Lies for real. Finally in 2005, he produced the first issue and since then LWLies has become a bi-monthly magazine with a print run of about 2,500 copies, distributed in Borders stores in the UK. The design and editorial content of each issue is inspired by a single film – in this case “Black Swan” – and features an illustration of the lead actor on the cover. In 2008, LWLies won “Best Designed Consumer Magazine of the Year” at the Magazine Design & Journalism Awards. What’s great about this “making of” LWLies video is that it covers the focus, teamwork, deadline pressure and ultimate satisfaction of starting from rough sketches to holding the finished product in your hands. Ah joy! Although online has its advantages, there is nothing quite as wonderful as seeing your work reproduced with ink on paper.