Google Says “Hey Mom, Thank You”

What’s a good analogy to describe how people talk to their Google Home Hub?  The way kids talk to their mothers and always expect her to be there and respond.  No “please” or “thank you’ or “when you finish what you’re doing,” but simply “hey, Mom.” Released in time for Mother’s Day, this commercial by Wieden & Kennedy for Google’s Home Hub draws a parallel with how people talk to their Home Hub and other Google support devices. No prefaced niceties, but just “hey Google, call my office,” “hey Google, where’s the nearest Starbucks,” “hey Google, tell me how to get to the bridge from here.” That’s okay, don’t feel sheepish. Google, afterall, is internet technology designed to do your bidding. Moms, on the other hand, occasionally like hearing how much she is appreciated. 


VW Phaeton Ad Spoofs Cubist Art

Here’s an effective print ad for VW Phaeton that doesn’t show the product at all — not the exterior, interior, engineering marvels or even a silhouette of the product. In fact, you wouldn’t make the connection to an automobile, much less a specific brand, if you didn’t see the VW logo and read the tagline at the bottom of the page: “Arrive in better shape. The Phaeton with adaptive air suspension.” At first glance, the ad just looks like an intriguing dissection of Cubist art. Look again. The humor (and the marketing message) come through when the ad is taken in as a whole. Very clever.

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