Do What You Love and the Assignments Will Follow

After leaving her day job as a graphic designer in September 2009 to become a full-time freelance illustrator and letterer, Brooklyn-based Jessica Hische decided to assign herself a little project. As Hische explains it, “I wanted something to keep me motivated when client work was slow, to keep me inspired when I was working on things that weren’t so inspiring, and to give me something to do on a regular schedule when my life went from being incredibly regimented (day-job), to willy-nilly (freelance) – so began Daily Drop Cap. I originally planned to do an alphabet per week but realized quickly that it was hard enough to keep up with a letter per day. Within days of launching, the Daily Drop Cap site had received an enormous amount of traffic and within months, it had been featured on hundreds of design blogs. I didn’t know at the time that my little pet project would be what really catapulted me onto the design scene, that it would be how most clients were originally introduced to my work, and that it would forever brand me with the nickname ‘that drop cap girl’.”

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