Information Graphics

Numbers Are All Relative

Computers and the Internet have made it possible to crunch data every which way so that we know exactly how much is spent on gift cards, military defense, Medicare and erectile dysfunction. But like so much else on the Internet, it is hard to know what to make of this glut of disparate information. British journalist David McCandless, author of the book “The Visual Miscellaneum” and the blog, is using infographics to help us make sense of it all. His solution to the information overload is to “use our eyes more.” McCandless has managed to use shapes, patterns, colors and space to map information, show relative scale, focus attention on information that is meaningful. Through juxtaposition of colored boxes, viewers can see correlations and connections between numbers that often would not normally be shown on the same spreadsheet. A whole lot of knowledge can be condensed into a very small space, and reviewing it can be effortless, relaxing and fun.

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