Bombay Store Posters


To celebrate its 100th anniversary this year, the Bombay Store in India issued a series of ornately rich and colorful posters that incorporate a motif of patterns made from its vast assortment of products. Designed by Ashok Karkala and Vishu Nagula of Joshbro Communications in Mumbai, the posters blend the elegant sensuality of paintings by Art Nouveau artist Gustav Klimt and the psychedelic spontaneity of 1960s posters by graphic designer Tadanori Yokoo. The Bombay Store poster illustrations were done by Murali Alle and Ravindra Joshi, and the photography by Nilesh Patankar.

Pentagram partner Kit Hinrichs who chose this series of posters for his “Judge’s Choice” when he juried the 2009 One Show Design, exclaimed, “They are so beautifully crafted from actual store merchandise combined with gorgeous original fashion shots that they took my breath away. This is one of the first times that I’ve seen such a seamless integration of Eastern and Western art brought together in a unique and innovative way.” The freshness of the posters capture the Bombay Store’s tagline “India’s first lifestyle retail store.”


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