Making the Product the Package and Vice Versa


Is it possible to brand a product without creating a printed label? At the Accademia Italiana in Skopje, Macedonia, design student Petar Pavlov was determined to find out. In a Packaging Design class, he was assigned the task of creating a packaging prototype for “something very dear to him.” He chose chocolate, he says, because it is “something that I can’t live without.”

Petar, whose study focuses on graphic design and visual communications, says that his obsession with typography, along with his decision not to use any printing for the packaging, inevitably led him to the idea of turning the chocolate itself into letterforms that spell out the name of the product.

He did a lot of experimenting before he arrived at that approach. “I started researching how to create different patterns from paper, and even wandered into the origami world, but the ‘aha’ moment was when I dismissed playing with paper and concentrated on modifying the product itself,” he explains. “Since the letters were modular, I started with a cylinder and divided it into a 3×3 grid in order to make different cuts for the letters. Basically three molds were sufficient for creating the whole name – Choco.”

Petar claims that the hard part was not making the mold, but coming up with the right balance of ingredients for the chocolate. Fortunately, chocolate melts easily and can be poured like molten lead into a mold, turning solid when it cools.

As a student assignment, Choco is just a prototype, but he says that there has been interest for production in Germany –“nothing is for certain yet.” Meanwhile, Petar is counting on a bright future in design in Macedonia. “Design still has very low importance in my area,” he reports. “That’s mainly because of the weak market competition. However, this means that if a company pays only a small amount of attention to design, it will have a tremendous advantage over its competitors.”


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