UnChain Me: Brooklyn Fare
Competes on Its Own Home Ground

How do you beat the national retail giants at their own game? By being what they’re not – from the neighborhood. Challenged by Brooklyn native, Moe Issa, to design a store brand that evoked memories of the friendly grocer down the block, but in a contemporary, upscale way, Mucca Design focused on keeping Brooklyn Fare’s identity simple and personable. As Mucca says in its newsletter, “A unique strategy + one typeface + four colors + a lot of copy.”



Mucca’s custom-designed type for Brooklyn Fare , called Fare Serif, is presented large in lieu of imagery and projects the unintimidating feel of a first-grade “Dick and Jane Primer.” The text, too, is charmingly direct and humbly free of superlatives. Although the brand elements are applied to every part of the store, from the food labels, wayfinding system, produce displays, and staff uniforms, to the napkins and cups, the effect is smart and playful. It gives Brooklyn Fare the approachable attitude of a 19th century grocer, offering 21st century amenities like sushi, croissants and catering.