Industrial Design

Reconsidering Time

Clocks have come in analog, digital, sundial, atomic, round face with hands that point to hours and minutes, and numbers that flip forward with each advancing minute. The Qlocktwo Touch, made by German design company Biegert & Funk, is the only clock that I can think of to declare the time typographically in a complete sentence. It’s perfect for dyslexics.

The acrylic glass faceplate is secured magnetically against its back supports so that it appears to float without visible attachments. The interchangeable faceplate comes in seven colors and is available in several languages, including English, German, French, Italian, Dutch, Arabic, Danish, Russian, Swiss German, Spanish and Swedish. Priced in the neighborhood of US$1000, a Swatch it is not. For 99 cents, however, you can download Qlocktwo as an iPhone/iPod/Android app. Still, Qlocktwo is what design is about – looking at what is and imagining it in a new way. When it comes to clocks, it’s about time.