Habibis: Accent on the Arabic

Mexican food is not considered exotic to locals in Mexico, which is why Habibis, an Arabic-Mexican taqueria in San Pedro Garza Garcia, emphasized the Arabic side in its brand identity. A municipality that is part of the Monterrey metro area, San Pedro Garza Garcia has a large third-generation Arab population that has infused intriguing flavors into the local cuisine. In transitioning from a taco stand to an alluring taco cafe, Habibis looked to Monterrey-based creative agency, Anagrama, to build a brand that conveyed the fine fusion quality of its food, while preserving its street-friendly and casual ambiance.

Anagrama’s design solution was to “adapt a stylized Arabic calligraphy to a typical Mexican street setting, complete with neon colors and inexpensive materials like craft paper bags.” In contrast to bold fluorescent greens and pinks, the brand’s logotype is lyrical and elegant. The restaurant’s name is spelled out in Latin letters, but the cursive pen and brush strokes make it look like Arabic script. Combine that with mosaic patterns typically seen on Middle Eastern headdress (keffiyeh) and an Arabic influence is strongly implied. Diners know that they can expect an exciting melding of flavors.