Dog-Loving Photographer Creates Asian Elixir, Thanks to Lindsay Lohan

Kombucha Dog is one of those “only in California live-your-passion” stories. According to the Kombucha Dog website, the beverage company was started in L.A. by Michael Faye, a successful commercial photographer who loved traveling the world on assignment, until he found that the photo business was beginning to require spending more time on the computer than on location. That’s when Faye sold his studio and set up DogIsArt, a dog portraiture business, combining his avid love of dogs with his professional talent.

The kombucha link comes in because Faye, who was raised as a strict vegetarian by a mother who even made her own yogurt, was strongly into the raw food movement and yoga. An early adopter of kombucha, Faye started drinking the fermented tea back in 2005, but had to stop when actress Lindsey Lohan failed an alcohol test. Lohan’s attorneys launched a “kombucha defense” saying that drinking lots of kombucha caused a false positive on the test. The controversy caused L.A. retailers to pull kombucha from the shelves, forcing Faye to experiment with brewing his own.

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“For A Less Painful World” Brazilian Ad


From Almap BBDO in Sao Paolo, Brazil, comes these outdoor poster advertisements for Bayer Aspirin. The inspiration of Almap chief creative director Marcello Serpa, art director Marcos Medeiros and illustrator Jose Cortizo Junior, these lushly drawn “Sanskrit” paintings feature a silhouetted man and woman in the traditional meditative lotus pose, with an aspirin used in place of a mystical “third eye” of calm. Outside the inner circle of serenity are vignette scenes of stress – warring kids pulling apart a teddy bear, a teenager banging on his drum set, a dentist by his empty chair, a worker using a jackhammer, a man rubbing his aching neck. The ad won the 2009 Cannes Lion Bronze for Outdoor advertising. Ohm shanti ohm. May you find peace in a chaotic world.