Aurora Matchmaking with Wine


Aurora Vinicola, the biggest winemaking cooperative in Brazil, took a direct approach to recommending wine pairings in these print advertisements created by the agency Dez Comunicação in Porto Alegre, Brazil. Photographer Pedro Minanez and illustrator Miagui Imagevertising did some “photoshop” collaboration to suggest that when poultry, fish and beef are served with the right wine, the occasion becomes even more delightfully festive.
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Iconic Styles of Renowned Architects From A to Z

Argentine architect Andrea Stinga and Colombian graphic designer Federico Gonzalez put together this animated video of globally renowned architects and their most notable work. The minute-and-a-half long video manages to squeeze in a lot of information, including architects and landmarks from around the world. Still, art director Gonzalez apologizes that some legends had to be left out because they only needed one architect per letter of the alphabet. Stinga is a principal in Ombu Architecture, based in Barcelona, Spain. The music soundtrack is “The Butterfly” by Eugene C. Rose and George Ruble.


Saying a Lot in a Little Space

Fernando Volken Togni, a 27-year-old designer from Porto Alegre, Brazil, illustrated this series of colorful drawings for Qatar Airways’ Oryx Magazine. Each illustration presents 24-hours in the life of a world-renowned city by presenting iconic scenes of the city through an assemblage of pictograph-style shapes. Togni also expresses each city in a different color palette to convey its cultural uniqueness. Especially when viewed in an international airline magazine, this illustration says a lot without the use of a single word – or the need for translation.

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