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Quiz: The Tail End of the Brand Story

When it comes to branding commercial aircraft, the tail comes before the nose. The tailfin is the tallest part of the plane. It’s the last thing people on the ground see as the plane lifts off. And pretty much the only part they see when the plane is parked buy adobe acrobat nose first at the gate. It is a flying billboard, which is why airline branding experts focus most of their attention on designing memorable graphics for the tail. See if you can match the airline with these tails. Answers on next page.

Airline Tail Quiz
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Saying a Lot in a Little Space

Fernando Volken Togni, a 27-year-old designer from Porto Alegre, Brazil, illustrated this series of colorful drawings for Qatar Airways’ Oryx Magazine. Each illustration presents 24-hours in the life of a world-renowned city by presenting iconic scenes of the city through an assemblage of pictograph-style shapes. Togni also expresses each city in a different color palette to convey its cultural uniqueness. Especially when viewed in an international airline magazine, this illustration says a lot without the use of a single word – or the need for translation.

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